Belkin.Setup - Setting up the Belkin WiFi Range Extender


Belkin is a multinational, American-based company. It makes high-performing networking devices and consumer electronics. Moreover, the company delivers cutting-edge technologies to its global users. You will find its products easy to use and affordable. They are widely sold in the market. Also, Belkin offers a wide array of products that result in outstanding performance. One of the best products from Belkin is the Belkin Routers. These routers have various features that work together to provide the users excellent network coverage with unbeatable speed. Also, they are versatile from the connectivity point of view.  

In this blog, we have covered the steps to help you in connecting your Belkin router to the internet and how to reset its password through Belkin.Setup.

Connect Your Belkin Router to the Internet and Complete the Belkin.Setup Process?

Complete the Belkin.Setup Process
  • To begin with, the process of connecting your Belkin router to the internet through the Belkin.Setup process, first, you have to launch the web browser.
  • For this, switch on your system first.
  • Then, choose any available web browser. However, make sure that it must be updated.
  • After that, click on the address bar to launch the browsing window.
  • Here, you have to input the default IP address of your router. 
  • The default IP address of your router is’’
  • Also, make sure that you provide the IP address accurately to avoid issues.
  • After that, hit the ‘enter’ key from your keyboard.
  • This step leads you to the Belkin.Range webpage.
  • Here, the first window that comes on your screen will show you the ‘authentication required’ page. You will get the same at the top right-hand side. 
  • This window displays the username and the password fields.
  • Also, you will find the username already filled up on the screen.
  • Though, the password will be blank.
  • Then, tap on the option ‘Belkin Login.’
  • Leave the password field blank.
  • After that, click on the ‘submit’ button if the screen prompts. 
  • As a result, the authentication will begin to access your router settings.
  • Thereafter, the above step brings you to the ‘let’s connect to the internet’ window.
  • Here, a button depicting ‘detect my connection’ will appear.
  • Therefore, click on that option to allow the search for available networks. 
  • Remember, you may have to wait for this process as it takes some time to show the results.
  • Later, select your internet connection.
  • Now, a list showing the ‘connection type’ will come on the screen.
  • Make an appropriate selection according to your network details.
  • Also, click on the ‘apply changes’ button.
  • Now, you have to fill up the username and password for your respective internet connection.
  • Now, restart your modem if the screen prompts.
  • As a result, the device will restart.
  • When it starts, verify if the internet is working or connected.
  • Now, it will start detecting the firmware updates for your router. 
  • For the update, you will have to accept the ‘end-user license agreement.’
  • After that, the option ‘install update’ appears.
  • Hence, click on the same and wait until the Belkin.Setup process completes.

How Can You Reset Your Belkin Router’s Password?

  • The first step is to modify your router’s default login credentials if connected to the network.
  • As soon as the router completes a firmware update, the Belkin.Setup will show another window.
  • Hence, it requires you to set the sign-in credentials of your Belkin router. As a result, you can access your internet network after the changes.
  • For this, provide a unique network name in the first text box.
  • Then, input a strong password to protect your network from unauthorized access.
  • After that, choose a security type from the available list. 
  • Belkin.Setup suggests opting for WPA2 as your network security type. 
  • Now, move down to the window’s bottom.
  • Then, search for the highlighted button that depicts ‘save and continue.’
  • After that, click on the same option to modify the username and network.
  • Further, the window will display the Belkin SSID and password for verification purposes.
  • Hence, verify the information that the screen shows. 
  • Now, the credentials that you have created will allow you to connect wireless devices to the internet network.

    This write-up has all the steps that will help you connect your router to Belkin.Setup and reset its password without putting you in hassle.